I am no longer taking any new litigation clients. 

I can not offer any expectation that communications with my clients will be maintained in strict confidence and I can no longer suggest any semblance of due process and equal protection under law will be afforded to them in any kind of judicial proceeding. 

The ongoing and unlawful attacks on my person by members of the judiciary make it presently impossible for me to effectively represent my clients.  I hope that political actions in our government will reverse the obvious downfall of these once great institutions and that justice and due process, as imperfect as it once was, will be someday restored. 

Until such time, my participation in court proceedings serves as an inappropriate and harmful distraction from the merits of my clients’ causes, and I cannot in good faith offer myself as an effective advocate to anyone.



I have been suspended from the practice of law for the “crime” of refusing to disclose my client’s confidences in a patently illegal proceeding.  My apparent real crime has been to defend a gay black conservative in the last months of his life before he succumbed to brain cancer.  For this and my many other unpopular causes, I will never be forgiven. 

This attack on my person and my profession also comes at a time when I am litigating a multitude of police misconduct cases that despotic actors within our government desperately want silenced.   This includes a case with affirmative photographic evidence that Metropolitan Police Department vice officers stole some thirty thousand dollars in negotiable money orders from my client’s home never to be found again, and another where a District of Columbia taxi driver was arrested for solicitation of prostitution, yet the preserved security camera recordings plainly show him waiving off the advances of the undercover officer and driving away.  The present actions of the United States District Court are in immediate and direct retaliation for my reporting to the Department of Justice of specific judicial abuses, and my ongoing litigation demanding that the courts confine themselves to the authority permitted by law.

The hyper-politicized federal judiciary stands today as an abject failure of our constitutional form of government and remains the greatest threat to our collective civil liberties.  I regret that I have failed in my decades-long endeavors to curtail these abuses.  However, I value my integrity more than my own personal well being, and have never bowed to undue pressure to willfully abandon my clients and their claims.  Such matters are now beyond my control.