Matt’s litigation in the news.

Bardo River Brewery Opens (New 2-21-2017)

Paul Leitner-Wise Takes LWRC and Sig Sauer to Court

Bardo River Brewery Gets Approval – Can Stay Open til Midnight

Bardo River Brewery Sues District Agency, Citing Improper Communications

Bardo May Close if 2nd Location Approved

No Free Speech for Officer Criticizing Operations, Superiors

Washington Brew News

Did a Neighborhood Beef Lead to Cops Seizing This Man’s Dog?

No Knock Raid Over Alleged Animal Cruelty Leads to Lawsuit by Man Who Just Wants His Dog Back

Pooch’s Treatment at Heart of D.C. Civil Case

Gay cop sues city for release of email, phone records

Why Was PSPD Chief Lou Cannon Fired?

D.C. fires 2 top officials in the city’s property security department

U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds D.C. MPD Police Officers First Amendment Retaliation Case

D.C. Circuit Hears Fourth Amendment Case On Withdrawn Warrant

Officials condemn police tactics in arrest of 2 guards at day care

And maybe someone wrote part of a book about him,